Tiffany Mills is "making a name for herself as a young modern-dance innovator" (New York Times). Her work favors a boldly physical vocabulary, where vivid partnering plays a prime role in detailing human relations. In her crafted world of gesture, touch, and fluid form, Mills' dancers partner in three-dimensional explosions, syncopating space. The Tiffany Mills Company strikes a nerve - triggered by instinct - driven out of raw physicality.

The roots of this dynamic Company began when Mills moved to New York City in 1995. Under her direction, the Company investigates improvisational structures and partnering to create "violently visceral movement" (Village Voice) performed with a "fearless sense of freedom and exhilaration" (Washington Post). Intertwining complementary layers to her multi-dimensional work, Mills collaborates with contemporary theater directors, composers, designers, and filmmakers.

Board of Directors
Tiffany Mills
Kareen Balsam
Megan Kennedy
Ben Kreader
Julie Lemberger
Michael Lonardo
Mary McNaugher

Advisory Board
Richard Caples
Kay Cummings
Kristin Marting
Martha Myers
David Parker
Ela Troyano

Tiffany Mills, Artistic Director
Chris Hudacs, Lighting Designer
Elizabeth Furman, Special Projects

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